A Scarecrow Sprinkler Saves the Garden

Do you keep a lovely garden at home? You may have spent so many hours tending to your precious flowers, crops or trees, trying to make the place look great, comforting and relaxing. However, you may have also experienced the inevitable instances that buzzards and other animals became your uninvited guests. Gardeners and hobbyists have resorted to many ways to keep these trespassers away.

Many of them, like you, may have tried those harmful chemicals to protect your garden. If you have given this option a shot, you already know that it does more damage to your property than protecting it. Moreover, it may, at some point hurt the animal intruders. Other solutions are much safer, and one of the most traditional forms to prevent unwanted life from damaging your garden is through a scarecrow.

Years ago, the scarecrow tactic was proven to be initially effective but as modern gardening techniques evolved, the scaring abilities of this form have become limited. The animals who intrude your garden crops have probably grown a little smarter than you give them credit for. Many of them have figured out that the animal-repelling methods you have used do not actually pose any harm to them since they do not actually do anything. They do not attack or devour them, thus, they get used to these stationary objects around your garden that were supposed to scare them away. So what is the best way to keep these animals off your garden?

There is a lot of garden merchandise today in the market to help you with this dilemma. If you ask around, distributors will most likely suggest a product that involves constantly moving objects as the most effective creature-scaring method.

A good piece of equipment that will work for you is a modern variation of the traditional scarecrow. Latest designs now come with motion sensors and water sprinklers. Although most of these products may seem more elaborate and expensive, they are proven to be very effective in shooing those unwanted garden visitors away.

The basic principle of a automatic sprinkler is simple.
A motion sensor is housed within the head of the scarecrow. It recognizes movements or anything that crosses its path and eventually activates the device. A stream of water, directed at the animal, will then shoot out and scare away the creature. Aside from the water, the equipment also emits a noise and its head moves from side to side, thus adding to the surprise factor that forces the animals to take flight. Unlike chemical-based repellants, this device is less harmful to the animals and to your plants. It is both safe for people and the environment. There is no need to take various or separate control measures for each pest in your garden. It promises total coverage and works generally for every kind of animal.

The combination of movement, noise and water drives them away and does not leave them injured. The scarecrow sprinkler is the best, effective and perfect solution for gardeners and people like you who love both plants and animals.