The Best Gas String Trimmers in 2020

We don’t disrespect the electric string trimmer or anything, but sometimes, it just doesn’t cut it (pun not intended). Electric trimmers have come a long way in recent years, and they are able to work for an average person’s lawn, but when you have thick weeds or brush, they can struggle.

That’s why the gas powered string trimmer, also known as a weed eater, weed wacker, or brush cutter, is here to stay for now. While filling it up with gas isn’t the best for the environment, the modern gas trimmer manages to have a powerful engine without damaging the environment too much. And while a gas trimmer may be slightly more expensive in some cases, you can find some great ones for not too much.

So that’s why you should check out a gas trimmer. But there are so many to choose from. Which are the best for the job? When you need to cut some grass, you know that grass waits for no one, and you have to pick ASAP. That’s why we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for the best gas string trimmer, read on to look at our top 5 picks.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Gas String Trimmer?

Straight vs Curved

You may notice that some types of weed wacker are available in either a straight shaft or a curved shaft, and you may not have a clue as to what this entails.

Simply put, a straight shaft improves your reach. If you need to reach some weeds that are growing from the walls of your home, a straight shaft can help. Not to mention, a straight shaft is compatible with more attachments. Do you want some blades? Edgers? Clippers? Then buy a straight shaft. Finally, the straight shaft tends to be heavier duty.

A curved shaft is a weedwacker that where the shaft curves down near the end. The curved shaft is more ergonomic, which is good if you find carrying a weed wacker difficult. If you’re vertically challenged, a curved shaft is more convenient. They are also lighter and are good for light to moderate yard work.


A weedwacker spins a line around, which cuts grass, weeds, and brush. However, not all lines are equal. Some are lighter, and others are heavier. What does this mean for you? Simple. If a line is lighter, it can work well for light jobs but may fall short when you have a heavy duty task ahead of you. However, heavier lines are, well, heavier, and may not work with certain gas powered string trimmers.


The engine is what keeps the best gas string trimmers going, so of course, you need to have a good one. When you are looking for a gas powered weed eater, you may notice that they are divided into 4 cycle or 2 cycle, with some calling it a stroke instead of a cycle.

Cycles deal with fuel delivery. Simply put, a 2 cycle engine is powered by a container that is a mix of gas and oil. Meanwhile, a 4 cycle has gas and oil in their own containers.

They both have their own pros and cons. A 2 cycle is lighter, quieter, less expensive, and it’s more convenient to fuel it, but it may not be as good for heavy duty, efficient jobs. Meanwhile, the 4 cycle is the opposite of everything the 2 cycle is.

Also, starting the engine should be easy. With a gas powered string trimmer, you may have to do a little pulling, but it shouldn’t be a tough task.

Easy Start

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about starting the trimmer. A long time ago, string trimmers could be tough to start. You had to choke the engine, but not too much, and no matter how hard you pulled, it never seemed to work. Nowadays, an electric string trimmer requires none of that.

However, a gas one does. Luckily, many modern trimmers use easy start technology, which means that it should start through a couple simple pulls. No having to spend hours pulling it.

Cutting Width

The best gas string trimmers should tell you their cutting width. Depending on the trimmer, the trimmer line may cut more or less depending on how many inches wide it is. Having a larger width can be good if you want to get the job done fast. However, shorter may work better if you need to be more precise.

We should mention that even a slight difference in width can stand out. If you have a lot to cut, one that is an inch more than the competition can save you quite a bit of time.


Gas powered string trimmers can be quite loud, but some are louder than others. After all, you have an engine that has to keep running during your weed wacking journey. While no weedwacker is so quiet you can use it at midnight without waking the neighbors, some are quieter. You may not need to get any ear plugs with these.

Fuel Efficiency

Here’s another one that’s obvious. The gas powered string trimmer should preferably deliver the most power while using the least amount of fuel possible. Not only will the emissions lower, but you don’t have to fill up as much.

There are several factors that can influence fuel efficiency. For example, you may get more mileage if you put the preferred oil in the engine. You may get more if you perform maintenance every once in a while. There are several factors that can make or break this.

Anti Vibration

Even the best gas string trimmers will vibrate, but a powerful string trimmer will have some good anti-vibration properties. With that said, you may need some specialty gloves when carrying these weed eaters. The latest ones have an engine that doesn’t vibrate too much, luckily.


Some of the best gas string trimmers cost a pretty penny. You want a company that will stand by their product and not sell you any junk. A good gas powered weed eater will have a warranty of a year or more and will be able to repair it should something go wrong.


Gas string trimmers are a little more expensive than electric, but there’s one for every budget. Make sure you are purchasing a string trimmer that is right for your budget needs. With that said, you should remember that it is better to get a trimmer that’s more powerful than what you need than a trimmer that is a little underpowered for your yard.

And there you have it. These are some features to look for when you’re searching for a string trimmer. It’s a little more complicated than just looking for a machine that can cut grass.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Gas String Trimmers

Besides the fact that these string trimmers had to be gas powered, we also picked from several weed wackers for various uses. We looked at different types of budgets as well and picked gas powered string trimmers for all budgets. We also looked at what the reviews said, and tried to pick string trimmers that had 4 stars or more as an average score. Without further ado, let’s look at the top five.

#1: Husqvarna 128LD 17″ (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The first one on our list goes to a mid-range gas string trimmer. This works well for your average landscaper who has an average yard with some grass and weeds that are tough. This is one of those gas string trimmers that’s 2 cycle, but it manages to be a tough, powerful unit.

The gas tank itself is translucent, which means you can tell how much fuel you have to go before you have to refill. In addition, this gas powered string trimmer makes it easy to clean out any unwanted air, and releasing the line is easy too. Just tap it, and the line comes out.

Besides that, this weed eater comes from a company that stands by their product. You’ll have a 2 year warranty, so you don’t have to worry too much about it failing you.

What do the reviews say? They are positive overall. Most say that this is one of the best gas string trimmers if you’re looking for a mid-range weed eater that doesn’t cost too much. While some taller folk had problems using it, and the carburetor gave some people difficulties, most people who used this weed eater were satisfied.

Overall, this is one of the best gas string trimmers, and this is a good string trimmer to start with if you’re looking for the best for most situations. With a trimmer, a mid-range will usually guarantee you’re spending enough to tackle your yard, but you aren’t spending an excessive amount.

#2: Honda HHT35SLTAT (Best Machine)

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If you’re looking for a gas powered weed eater that is of a higher budget, Honda is one you can’t go wrong with. This is one of those weed eaters that’s good if you’re looking for a powerful gas string trimmer to take on grass and weeds that are stubborn.

This has a 4 cycle/stroke engine that’s quite lightweight, combining power and convenience. Its trimmer head is 17 inches, making it good for some tough tasks. It has a straight shaft that can absorb some shocks, and it even has a lifetime warranty on it if you are still skeptical.

This weed eater is easy to accelerate, ergonomically designed, and can change speeds. If you’re looking for the best 4 cycle/stroke engine, this is the one for you.

Reviews of this gas string trimmer have been quite positive. Most say that it is a powerful gas string trimmer that can handle the toughest grass and weeds. Most were impressed by what it can do and how easy it was to use. Besides the people who got duds, one criticism of the product was that it was difficult to rethread the trimmer head at times, but that was the minority.

Overall, this is a trimmer you should get if you need something with a beast of an engine. When you’re cutting up a jungle of a yard, or you want a trimmer that will last a long time, spending more to get the best isn’t a bad move to make. The Honda trimmer works well on both fronts.

#3: TAZZ One-Piece (Best Push Trimmer)

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When you think of weed eaters, you tend to imagine something you carry in your hands. However, there are gas string trimmers that you can push, and this is one of them. This is great if you have some grass and weeds that are stubborn. It has a 150cc engine that should be able to eliminate most weeds, and it can go places that a push mower can’t. It’s a stable machine with some tough wheels that go over the hardest terrain.

Also, if you get any sticks stuck in the trimmer head, you can remove it while the engine is running. That way, you won’t have to kill the engine until you’re truly done.

Reviews of this gas string trimmer have been quite positive. Most people say that it’s a convenient string trimmer and a twist on the traditional weed eaters you hold in your hand. Besides the people who got duds, the criticisms were minor. They mostly involved people who thought it was a tad too heavy.

Overall, this is a little different from your traditional trimmer, but it’s definitely worth looking into. While most people will be happy with a trimmer they can hold in their hands, as it’s a little more versatile, this has its own conveniences as well. Check out this beast if you want to have a unique twist on the traditional trimmer.

#4: Remington RM25S (Best Low Cost)

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There is a gas string trimmer for every budget, and this is the best gas string trimmer if you are looking for one under $100. This two stroke, straight shaft trimmer isn’t going to be the toughest trimmer on the block, but it is surprisingly powerful for the cost, having a large cutting width of 16 inches and an easy start.

This is one of those gas string trimmers that’s easily adjustable as well. Other than that, it doesn’t have too many notable features, but it is the best gas string trimmer on a budget. However, is it good according to most reviewers? Most people said that this string trimmer was good for light or medium jobs. It has a positive score, but a little more mixed than the others on the list. Some people said it was a bit underpowered, or tough to use, but more people liked it than didn’t.

Overall, this is good if you need a trimmer that doesn’t cost too much. If you are going to be using it for a while, and your yard is thick, we don’t recommend this. But with that said, if you just need a trimmer for light yard work, you may not need an engine that can cut through trees. It’s up to you, of course.

#5: Echo GT-225 (Best Curved Gas String Trimmer)

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If you’re looking for the best gas string trimmers that are curved-shaft, this is the one for you. It’s good for when you are shorter, or you want a little something more lightweight. The Echo uses a 2 cycle engine, but it manages to be quite powerful. It has an easy start system and a 2-line loader, making it easy to change the line.

This gas string trimmer also has a lengthy cutting distance and has a comfortable handle as well, making it easy to carry it around.

What do the reviews say? Most people love this gas string trimmer, saying that it’s powerful, ergonomic, and fun to use. The only minor complaints were with the string head, which can be exchanged. Other than the ones who got duds, most people loved this gas string trimmer.

Overall, this is a good string trimmer if you’re looking for a curved unit. As we said, curved trimmers are more ergonomic, especially for smaller people. While they may not have as much reach as their straight counterparts, they can get some magic done if you know how to use them.

On a Budget? Try These:

If you don’t need the best gas string trimmers, and you just need a string trimmer for casual yard work, these can work for you.

#1 Budget: Husqvarna 129C

This curved shaft gas string trimmer is a budget version of #1 on this list. It’s only meant for light yard work, but it should be great if you just need that. Try this today and see if it’s for you.

#2 Budget: Ryobi 2-Cycle

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Looking for a cheap gas powered string trimmer with a straight shaft? This one works well for that. Its 2 cycle/stroke engine works quite well and it manages to provide some tough trimmer line as well. Check it out.

#3 Budget: Craftsman A036003

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This curved shaft, 4 cycle gas string trimmer is cheap, yet it looks decent. It may be worth an investment should you need some yard work done on a tight budget.

Which Is Better: Stihl or Husqvarna Trimmer?

When it comes to the best trimmer, you have many brand options. One is the Stihl weed eater and the Husqvarna trimmer. While this is not an article about comparing trimmer brands, we suppose we could take a brief glance at these two pieces of power equipment.


Both trimmers manage to deliver a lot of power without weighing too much. However, the Husqvarna trimmer is a bit heavier. Not much, though. It is 11.11, while the Stihl is 10.6. For most people, this won’t be too much of a difference.


Both have nice handles that are easy to use, but the Stihl is a little better. This is because the Stihl handle can be adjusted through all 360 degrees.

Fuel Tank

A bigger fuel tank means a longer lasting engine. Both have sizable tanks, but the Husqvarna wins by a bit because its tank is a little bigger.

Cutting Width

The Husqvarna has a width a half inch more than Stihl’s 16.5. Even a half inch more can mean less time overall if you’re trying to take down a large area of grass.

The Engine

Both have an engine filled with power, and neither vibrate that much. They manage to have an engine that’s quiet while not sacrificing power. The Husqvarna has slightly more CCs, being 28 as opposed to Stihl’s 27.2.

Both are good, having plenty of engine power, but if you have to get just a single trimmer, we recommend the Husqvarna. It has a bit more for the price.

What String Trimmer Do Professionals Use?

If you’re a professional landscaper or property owner, you need a good string trimmer. While you don’t necessarily need something that costs thousands, you do need to be a bit more mindful of your choice.

In our article, the Honda HHT35SLTAT is probably the best for professional use. This is because it has a powerful engine that can cut through the toughest weeds, and it’s built to last. However, it’s not necessarily the string trimmer. You may find something better.

If you’re a professional, you will need one with a powerful engine that can cut through thick plants. In addition, you want to find a quieter machine that won’t disturb any neighbors. A professional string trimmer should be durable, shockproof, and be backed by a longer warranty so you can send it back should anything happen to it.

What Is the Best 4 Cycle Gas Trimmer?

A 4 cycle trimmer means that the oil and gas are separated. This means that you will have a trimmer that is a little heavier, but may be good for the toughest jobs.

In our post, we say the best one is the Honda HHT35SLTAT. This is a pricier trimmer, but it has the most power and has that 4 cycle performance you expect.

Of course, there are cheaper 4 cycle trimmers that can work well, too. It all depends on your situation and what yard type you need the trimmer for.

Verdict: Your Best Gas String Trimmer

And there we have it. These are the best gas string trimmers money can buy. From 2 cycle to 4 cycle, these trimmers can cut your grass with enough power to make your job easier. In case you were busy with your yard, here are the top five gas string trimmers again.

First, we have the Husqvarna 128LD 17″. This is the best gas trimmer if you’re looking for a mid-range. It’s 2 cycle, yet powerful with a cutting head that work well for moderate to heavy duty jobs.

Second, there’s the Honda HHT35SLTAT. This trimmer has a powerful cutting head, a beastly 4 cycle engine, and enough power to take on the thickest grass and weeds. If you’re looking for a true piece of power equipment, this trimmer is worth its price tag.

Third, we have the TAZZ One-Piece. This is a trimmer that acts like a push mower, with its cutting head being able to reach places a traditional grass mower can’t. It has power to it as well, with a tough engine that will keep up with your needs.

Fourth, we have the Remington RM25S. This trimmer is a low-budget piece of power equipment that works decently. For light to slightly medium-duty grass and weeds, the engine of this trimmer should get enough power.

Finally, the Echo GT-225. This trimmer has a curved shaft, making it ergonomic and good for shorter people. In addition, it has good power and a tough engine, making it good for some tough grass. Get it if you don’t like the straight shaft.

There we go. These are some tough pieces of power equipment that should be good for most types of grass and weeds. If you’re looking to handle your yard, we recommend you to check these out and see if they work well for your situation.

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