Video of auto-sprinkler scaring bear from grounds

In battle against urban bears, keeping your garbage under lock is essential but a sprinkler is the best way to scare bears away from your property.

Using only water as a weapon is a human but effective way to stop a bear from trashing your yard – and from being a threat. Nobody wants a wild animal of this size in direct proximity to their house, specially if you have kids and pets.


Guardener Animal Repellent is a repellent that works on all kinds of animals, from rodents and birds to bigger mammals like deer and all the way up to .. bear.

Here is a short video from a private surveillance camera illustrating how the bear is effectively shooed off from the residential grounds by a quick burst of water.




This kind of automatic animal deterrent is environmentally safe and animal friendly. A cheap and maintenance-free way to keep your garden free of unwanted visitors.