Yard Scarecrow Sprinkler Video Demo

A couple of years back, Havahart had cornered the market of motion activated sprinklers. There are more options these days and the current bestseller is the Yard Enforcer series by Orbit.

There are two versions of this scarecrow sprinkler system for sale: the standalone 62100 Yard Enforcer which is quite similar to Havahart’s product, and the Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer which is essentially the same, but mounted on a tripod which makes it suitable when you need ore height, for instance if placing the sprinkler inside a hedge or if it surrounded by orchard plants.

Here’s a scarecrow sprinkler demonstration video from Orbit showing how well it works as a repellent on deer. It may seem harsh to frighten an animal in this way but it’s just water, and after a few encounters like this, that animal will stay away.