Automatic garden protection with water

The biggest problem for any gardener is how to keep animals away from your yard in the kindest way possible. To pull that off, a automatic system that repels animals without chemicals or traps is required. Contench, Havahart and Orbit are some of the major brands and all make these kinds of yard sentry systems that offer garden protection in a humane way.

Best motion sprinklerHow does a automated water sentinel work? A motion activated sprinkler sprays water for a couple of seconds when its sensors detect any movement in the area. Animals get startled by the sudden movement and burst of water and over time, they will associate your garden and orchards with insecurity, and ultimately avoid visiting at all.

Havahart Yard SentinelThe Contech Cro101 scarecrow sprinkler has a lightweight plastic shaft and a metal sprinkler head. The 17-inch unit has a mount, sprinkler, and motion detector. The scarecrow sprinkler can cover up to 1000 square feet of the yard. A group of Contech Cro101 units can be connected together for bigger spaces. The battery-operated scarecrow sprinkler runs with a 9-volt battery. You’ll also need a garden hose connected to the sprinkler unit for it to function.

orbit motion activated sprinklerA water jet from one of these systems is quick and strong enough to reach pretty far, effectively giving stray animals just the right scare, but it isn’t forceful to the point of risking their lives. There are also notable reviews about these sprinklers that don’t only focus on keeping stray animals away from the yard. Some people like this because it keeps the grass in the yard hydrated too, especially because it covers 1000 square feet.

Automation Cons
These type of repellents¬†have motion-sensors and can detect any movement including humans. So when someone attempts to enter your yard without warning, he or she is going to get drenched. Don’t make the mistake of crossing the yard in your date clothes though when the motion detector is activated. Personally, I set a timer on them since night is the most problematic time when the system needs to be active.