Motion activated scarecrow explained

You might be forgiven for thinking that a scarecrow sprinkler is a camouflaged dual purpose lawn watering device. It isnĀ“t. A motion activated sprinkler is a automatic deterrent that scares unwanted animals from your garden. This includes fairly large animals such as deer, as well as smaller intruders such as cats, rats and even birds. It is also one of the most effective raccoon deterrents you can deploy.

Over the years, various ways have been devised to get rid of garden pests, either permanently as in the case of poison, or temporarily such as with twirling windmills, or loud noises. Straightforward traditional scarecrows can be used, but however scary they might be, they are a poor long term solution since the effect of a stationary object (even if it moves) is temporary.

The fact is that with these methods, a biological effect known as habituation comes into play. This is seen in small creatures, such as snails, which stop retracting their antennae after a short time of being touched with a stick. With humans, we will get used to unpleasant smells or flashing lights over time, that might be distracting to begin with.

The same goes for most other animals. Once their brains get used to the idea that they’re not under any threat to their life, they will subconsciously cut out the nuisance effect to concentrate on other possible new dangers. So the static, traditional, scarecrow, or the loud bird siren will lose their effectiveness over time and the pests will ignore them. The surprise of being hit with a dash of water from a motion activated sprinkler is something the pests don’t ever get used to.

Heron in garden fish pondMethods such as the use of poison are obviously out of favor these days, because of the dangers of leaving poisoned slugs, for instance, that may carry toxic substances that will kill innocent birds that eat them. These methods could also be dangerous to pets and children and, in any case, killing an animal for trespassing is not a good method to keep your property free from pests. It is inhumane, and more will come to replace it.

Making your property feel unsafe is the trick to making animals not want to visit in the first place. Scaring them with the random behavior of a motion activated sprinkler is a effective way to achieve this.

More ingenious methods have been used in scaring birds on runways, for instance, by playing loud recordings of the calls of birds that prey on the unwanted birds. These methods have been tried in gardens but can be costly and eventually ineffective.

Solar sound deterrent stake

Ultrasonic repellent

The most effective animal deterrent is a combination of high and low technologies, known as the scarecrow sprinkler. This uses a motion activated spray of water, and is triggered by the same kind of reliable motion detector that you find in intruder alarms.

Once a pest is detected, the scarecrow sprinkler quickly shoots a jet of water in its direction and the shock of getting a splash of water from seemingly nowhere. The beauty of a motion activated scarecrow sprinkler is the effectiveness and simplicity.

Since it runs on water it is a set and forget garden protection that simply works every time and is a ecological and animal friendly deterrent. Instead of inhumanely killing the animals, a automatic scarecrow sprinkler system will simply scare them time and time again until they eventually stop coming back to your garden.

Orbit Garden enforcer on tripod

Orbit sprinkler

If you have persistent visitors that don’t seem to get the message, consider using multiple deterrents. A combo of automatic sprinklers and ultrasonic deterrents tends to have a powerful effect and keep gardens free of both birds and land animals.