Protect your garden without poisons

Smart garden protection with a burst of water.

Not too long ago, poisons and traps were the standard methods to protect your garden and crops from rodents and small pests. Poisons are a bad idea for the simple reason that they are poisonous and can harm your kids and pets. Poisons also tend to find their way into the water and soil which your edible crops take nourishment from which is obviously not what you wanted in the first place.

Chemicals and compounds you use in your garden are also not as effective as we might think since they often target only a specific species. There are other animals that also damage your garden and frustrate home owners, and against which the traps and poison are ineffective against. Deer, birds, cats and dogs, bears.. the list goes on.

Anyone who lives in an area where deer abound, knows that these lovely animals can be a severe nuisance and wreck vegetable gardens as well as decorative plants and trees. Although it is easy to scare deer, a normal scarecrow is totally ineffective because to them it is just another static part of the garden. The same is true of birds. You can have any number of flashing colorful banners flying from your fruit trees but the birds still manage to get most of the fruit.

And who wants to have their garden littered with reflective banners and ugly traditional scarecrows?

Traditional Scare Crow

Animals quickly learn to ignore traditional straw figures

There is a solution to all of these problems in the shape of the modern scarecrow which is essentially a motion activated sprinkler (see examples here). Scarecrow sprinklers have quickly become popular with residential homeowners as well as people living in more rural areas.

title="By English: Tech. Sgt. Brian E. Christiansen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A random spray of water is a very effective animal deterrent

The motion detecting scarecrow is a eco friendly solution since the only power it utilizes is water pressure. All you need is a normal water tap. It is also a humane animal deterrent because there are no poisons, no traps and the animal is simply scared away. A automatic sprinkler is also more effective than a traditional garden scarecrow because the spray of water it shoots has a powerful surprise effect and covers quite a bit of ground. The mechanism is simple, which also makes it very reliable and maintenance-free.

Usage is straightforward:

1) Connect to a garden tap, for example via your garden hose.
2) Position it so that it covers an area you want to protect.
3) Open the tap. It is now “armed”. No water is used unless the mechanism fires.

If the motion detector in the scarecrow is triggered, the sprinkler shoots a quick spray of water that scares the offending animal away. This works on all kinds of animals, even birds, rodents and unwelcome neighbor pets. Raccoons who tend to outsmart many types of repellents are often effectively scared off with this type of sprinkler more info at